Live Sound and On-Site Recording

Live Sound and On-Site Recording

My affinity for sound and amplification allows me to be active in all facets of music.  There is DJing, which uses my MacBook Pro 15” Retina, Mackie 2000 watt DM12 speakers with a 2000 watt DM12s subwoofer and Rane 61 mixer to provide a nights entertainment. I also play guitar.  I have been the guitarist in many bands through the years.   Always the person to gravitate toward mixing and recording.  I have hosted 6-8 piece funk bands with many different instruments and provided them with live sound.  Additionally, they left with a 10 track digital recording of themselves!  I enjoy the technical aspect of live sound and recording, plus the intuitive nature of this environment.  From production work to live and studio recording, I have the practice to be successful. For Recording, I have a MacBook Pro 15” Retina with a Universal Audio Thunderbolt Apollo Twin Solo for a recording interface.  This interface is a newer product to Universal Audio, and supports it’s critically acclaimed unison preamp emulations of musics greatest recording equipment.  The hardware and he software are designed to work together perfectly to react in detail to every change in parameter.  My Computer and Interface is represented below in the first photograph.

I also have a Focusrite OctoPre MK 2 for 8 additional digital inputs with acclaimed preamps.  This connects to the Universal Audio interface by ADAT light pipe – 8 optical inputs for crystal clear and precise recording.  A very powerful and flexible setup.  This allows me to record 10 tracks with 24bit/48k recording quality almost anywhere there is power!  An easy way to capture that feel and character for any live project or special event.  Whether tracking drums, a band, orchestra or other projects, I have the flexibility needed for accuracy.  I have enough microphones to show up on scene and be ready for different situations.  Below is a representation of the OctoPre MK2 I possess.

octopremkiifronthrFor post production, I have the full compliment of effects from Logic Pro X, and EQ’s, Compressors and Preamps from Universal Audio.  These affects are perfect for creating the dynamics you are looking for.  Providing playback accuracy, I use Adams f5 monitors with ribbon tweeters for incredibily crisp treble, well defined mid clarity, and tight effecient lows.  From recorded source to final production, you will have professional equipment to support your music.


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