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I truly believe in supporting your wedding vision.  In the near 200 weddings I have hosted, I have learned there is no right way or wrong way to create this vision.  The evidence is in every wedding I host.  While we plan for the wedding, I am honored to truly understand the Bride and Grooms wishes.  We get to highlight special details throughout the day and infuse your ideas at every opportunity.

Communication is key to successful wedding planning, and our communication is felt by your Family and Friends. Through our communication, we discuss the details to best support your day.  Facets like the Ceremony, Introductions and Dances and have evidence of your planning – which resonate with the guests and provide that special touch.  I have also seen an increase with loved ones who may want to pay tribute to your special day too!

Recently, I have noticed more and more family and friends would like to honor the Bride and Groom in different ways.  I had one couple who had their daughter and a friend sing for them after dinner, I had another couple who had the Grooms Brother and Grooms Daughter sing their first dance with an acoustic guitar accompaniment.  Another couple had a surprise chroeograph dance from the sister of the Bride with Family and Friends.  I have supported Friends playing instruments,  relatives singing and playing guitar during ceremonies, even supported a bluegrass ensemble during a wedding!

My familiarity with all different aspects in music from live sound, DJ, instrumentalist, bands, recording has allowed me to bring to life couples ideas.  I am open to any idea that you may have during planning.  I invest in a variety of music equipment that allows me go above and beyond what most DJ’s can support.  Some of the images below are representations of the the equipment I have available for your day.

You get more than the average vendor when you hire me – one who does not let logistics get in the way with supporting your vision.  Feel free to inquire on how I can best support you both and your wishes.

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