Special Thanks To Russell Caron For The Photographs


I am currently not booking new events as of July 2021.  I have since retired the DJ aspect to support weddings as the coordinator for the Samuel O’Reilly House in North Conway.

I host most weddings by playing the music you, your family and guests want – not the music I want.  I take any and all the songs you enjoy and that is what I play; along with the requests from you guests.  I am here to share in your day, not to be the center of attention.  Most DJ’s get too verbal at weddings, that is because they are uncomfortable and cannot make a connection with your guests.  I have the ability to speak when needed, but if everyone is dancing and having a good time – why do I need to run my mouth!

One of the reasons you hire a professional is to provide music planning, set the pace of the wedding and to keep the focus on you and your guests.  I always get a few calls late in the season from couples who were going to have “a friend of a friend” DJ their wedding and they backed out at the last minute.

It is tempting – but having a professional who is practiced and focused on your day allows you and your fiancé to really enjoy your first day as husband and wife.  Every wedding is unique as the couples getting married. This customized approach means I am skilled at playing your songs at the right time!  Weddings are a collaborative event, and there is much communication between you, your fiancé, parents and your DJ.


I travel with an extensive library, over 25,000 songs, readily available at a moments notice. I also have two iPods that help me out during the night. This allows flexibility, backup, and the advantage of letting a guests Smartphone seamlessly connect to my system. I have most genres to accommodate any direction the night may lead and can tell you in a moments notice what I have or do not have. A wonderful way to make sure you hear your special song at the right time. Unlike many dj services, someone is playing songs from someone else’s library; essentially it is not their music. And of course given proper time I can get most songs that you may need. All I ask for are your favorite songs so I can I play the music you and your guests want to hear, and not what the DJ wants to hear. This may sound like an obvious statement, many DJ’s today only play what they like to listen to. Every wedding or special occasion you can count on me to provide: professional equipment for accurate sound as well as reliability, small footprint allowing me to perform in tight spaces, my expertise in many years of performing, as well as a positive attitude I bring to every event.

Your Special Day

There are many ways to provide you with the best experience possible on your wedding day. For instance, I can provide sound to multiple rooms. This works particularly well for some older function establishments that have multiple seating areas. No one has to be left out. Having a ceremony and a reception in different locations? In my possession are two P.A. systems allowing set up for sound in two different areas. I also use two wireless microphones to allow for flexibility in the most situations, allowing a comfortable way to address the guests.  I have highly regarded equipment, the same type used by many touring DJ’s that rely on professional products for everyday use. I have two Mackie DLM 12 2000watt speakers and a Mackie DLM 12s 2000watt subwoofer to round out the sound. Using Technics 1200mk2 turntables with an Apple Macbook Pro, the best of “old” and “new” schools. This setup allows me to have more of a “club” feel, we do not have to worry about the starts and ends of songs, we can immediatly go from on song to another. Additionally, this allows me to host a room up to 300 persons. Having par 64 LED dance floor lights for a wash, a Vertigo Hex LED for movement and a mini laser for added coverage for the dance floor we are able to create a festive mood for everyone!   I love to host theme parties too. I will DJ quietly in the background until it is time to let loose! I would be more than happy to provide music/sound for the ceremony (if you are having one), cocktail hour, dinner and reception.


When you hire me it is for the day, in the time capacity needed.  Unlike most DJ’s who charge a flat rate for a few hours, they tend to add more money for every hour after – I book for the event.  This takes the timeline stress off of the couple, and truly allows you both to concentrate on your new spouse, family and friends. There is no reason to concentrate on the time.  My rates are determined by a consultation for each individual wedding. This allows for the best price for your special day and it’s requests, (i.e. extra speakers or the ability for two separate sound systems for different locations). Please contact for a personal consultation to better determine your needs.  Typically a rate is based on a 7 hour wedding (ceremony, cocktail, dinner, reception, lights and my abilities to emcee the evening, plus all music requests and transportation within reason is included in price).